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Monday, 11th September 2006

Godfather of Hackney. Mafia don arrested in London. # 10:37 pm

Differential Synchronization. How that browser-based collaborative editor actually works. # 6 pm

Omakase—contextual ads from Amazon. Presumably combines info about the page with info from your Amazon cookie. # 3:57 pm

Neil Fraser: Software: MobWrite. Very impressive web-based collaborative text editor. # 1:01 pm

The Great British Cheese Festival. Now on Upcoming—a weekend of cheese! # 12:20 pm

Advogato is going offline. A real shame—this has long been a favourite lurking ground. # 12:12 pm

Paul’s writeup of d.construct 2006. Includes a link to our slides. # 11:34 am

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