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Tuesday, 1st July 2003

Simple FTP uploading with Python

Here’s a nice example of a simple Python script which can be bound to the right-click menu in Windows and used to quickly upload files to a specific FTP server.

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Further reading on the RNIB redesign

There’s been a flurry of blogger activity concerning the RNIB redesign over the weekend. isolani created an XHTML/CSS redesign independantly of mine, while Tom Gilder took mine as a starting point and made several improvements. Ben Meadowcroft has posted an open letter summarising the concerns felt by him and others over the way the redesign has been implemented. Meanwhile, Julie Howell (the RNIB’s Good Web Design campaign co-ordinator and a well respected member of the Web Accessibility community) has replied on Tom Gilder’s blog promising to collate feedback and pass it on to the web team (Julie herself was not involved in the redesign). It’s good to see they’re listening, but I really wish they would hurry up and fix their broken links!

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Join the Buzz keeps getting better and better. In addition to the world’s most interesting collection of technical bloggers, Bill Venners has just added Artima Technology Buzz, a collection of community based public aggregators. They work a bit like the Python Programmer Weblogs page, but covering a wider range of topics and with the important difference that you can add your RSS feed up to the relevant community yourself. I’ve just added some of my category feeds to the relevant sections—you can add your own site using the links in each section, but you need to register a user account on Artima first.

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time_since() on Feedster

This is pretty cool: Scott’s taken Nat’s time-since function and added it to Feedster, giving a quick indication of how long ago an item was posted.

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