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getElementsByTagName(). Dean Edwards rolls a hand-rolled getElementsByTagName function for use with DOM fragments (which don’t provide the method). His code is a nice example of a tightly written tree walker using the low level DOM API. # 17th December 2009, 7:46 am


IE7.js version 2.0 (beta). Dean Edwards has updated IE7, shifting enhancements that weren’t fixed by the real IE7 in to a new script called IE8. You can also now hotlink the library directly from Google’s servers, though I don’t know how intended Google Code’s subversion repository is for that purpose. # 6th January 2008, 11:15 pm


base2. Dean Edwards’ new JavaScript library which adds useful cross-browser features based on upcoming DOM standards (the Selectors API, DOMContentLoaded, addEventListener and more). # 23rd March 2007, 5:59 pm

Rules For JavaScript Library Authors. The guiding principles behind Dean Edwards’ base2 library, entirely applicable to every JavaScript developer. # 23rd March 2007, 5:53 pm