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How do I opt into full text search on Mastodon? (via) I missed this new Mastodon feature when it was released in 4.2.0 last September: you can now opt-in to a new setting which causes all of your future posts to be marked as allowed to be included in the Elasticsearch index provided by Mastodon instances that enable search.

It only applies to future posts because it works by adding an "indexable" flag to those posts, which can then be obeyed by other Mastodon instances that the post is syndicated to.

You can turn it on for your own account from the /settings/privacy page on your local instance.

The release notes for 4.2.0 also mention new search operators:

from:me, before:2022-11-01, after:2022-11-01, during:2022-11-01, language:fr, has:poll, or in:library (for searching only in posts you have written or interacted with)