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Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative (via) Andreas Kling's Ladybird is a really exciting project: a from-scratch implementation of a web browser, initially built as part of the Serenity OS project, which aims to provide a completely independent, open source and fully standards compliant browser.

Last month Andreas forked Ladybird away from Serenity, recognizing that the potential impact of the browser project on its own was greater than as a component of that project. Crucially, Serenity OS avoids any outside code - splitting out Ladybird allows Ladybird to add dependencies like libjpeg and ffmpeg. The Ladybird June update video talks through some of the dependencies they've been able to add since making that decision.

The new Ladybird Browser Initiative puts some financial weight behind the project: it's a US 501(c)(3) non-profit initially funded with $1m from GitHub co-founder Chris Chris Wanstrath. The money is going on engineers: Andreas says:

We are 4 full-time engineers today, and we'll be adding another 3 in the near future

Here's a 2m28s video from Chris introducing the new foundation and talking about why this project is worth supporting.