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Last weeknotes of 2023

31st December 2023

I’ve slowed down for that last week of the year. Here’s a wrap-up for everything else from the month of December.


Alex Garcia released this new plugin for Datasette as part of our collaboration around Datasette Cloud. He introduced it on the Datasette Cloud blog: datasette-plot—a new Datasette Plugin for building data visualizations.

On the blog


Most of these are minor bug fixes. A few of the more interesting highlights:

  • Django SQL Dashboard now provides a read-only JSON API for saved dashboards. This makes it really easy to spin up a quick ad-hoc AI for data in a Django PostgreSQL database.
  • The sqlite-utils-shell plugin now supports the --load-extension option—I added this to let it be used with Steampipe extensions.
  • My ospeak tool for running text-to-speech on the command-line now supports -m tts-1-hd for higher quality output, thanks to a PR from Mikolaj Holysz.
  • llm-llama-cpp now supports a llm -m gguf -o path una-cybertron-7b-v2-bf16.Q8_0.gguf option, making it much easier to quickly try out a new model distributed as a GGUF file.

Here’s the full list of releases: