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Wednesday, 6th December 2017

Use a .dev domain? Not anymore. Google bought the .dev gTLD a few years ago for their own internal usage and in a few weeks time Chrome will start shipping a HSTS preload list rule that says that .dev must be served over HTTPS. This means that if you’re using a .dev domain in your /etc/hosts file you’ll need to switch to .test or .localhost (or set up a self-signed certificate) or your development environment will refuse to load. # 6:42 pm

PostgreSQL Exercises. Excellent set of PostgreSQL exercises by Alisdair Owens, each with an interactive editor that lets you run your queries against a real database. Starts with the basics, but also covers advanced topics like recursive queries and window aggregate functions. # 4:20 pm

Maybe the solution to the Fermi paradox is that significantly advanced civilizations discover crypto currencies and then furiously burn through all available energy sources until they go extinct

Me # 2:44 am

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