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Is Lanyrd any good?

18th February 2013

My answer to Is Lanyrd any good? on Quora

For some verticals, we’re excellent: we have by far the most comprehensive listing of tech/programming/startup-related conferences anywhere online, curated by our growing community of event enthusiasts. If you’re interested in events in those niches it’s absolutely worth signing up, trying out our recommendations and subscribing to our email updates.

Here are a few examples of areas we’re doing particularly well in:

Social Media conferences—76 upcoming events
Mobile conferences—99 upcoming events
Web Development conferences—89 upcoming events
JavaScript conferences—73 upcoming events
User Experience (UX) conferences and events—69 upcoming events
Ruby conferences—51 upcoming events
iOS conferences and events—35 upcoming events

(We have way more events in the past for each of these categories, but for the purposes of event recommendation the stuff that hasn’t happened yet is obviously more important).

We’re growing in other non-tech verticals as well—Library conferences and Skepticism conferences are doing pretty well for example.