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Are Django versions released too often?

17th December 2013

My answer to Are Django versions released too often? on Quora

The Django release process is well documented (see Django’s release process) and has been specifically designed to address the concerns of developers who don’t want to have to spend too much time keeping up to date with the latest version.

Minor releases happen roughly every nine months, and introduce new features usually without breaking backwards compatibility. If a feature is deprecated, it will raise a warning in the version that deprecates it, a louder warning in the next version (9 months later) and will be removed in the version after that (1.5 years after the feature removal was first announced).

If even that is too fast for you, you can stick with a “Long-term support” release, which get security fixes applied for 3+ years. Django 1.4 is the most recent of these, and will be supported until at least March 2015.

Read for more information. Personally (and I’ve had no input at all in to the release process design) I think it’s all extremely well thought out.