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Wednesday, 4th July 2012

Does Amazon have a API for websites to utilize order and delivery fulfillment?

The Amazon Fulfillment Web Service used to handle this—but their site now says "Effective June 2012, Amazon Services will no longer support Amazon Fulfillment Web Service (Amazon FWS). All functions and services currently supported by Amazon FWS are currently available through Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)." So I guess you want the Amazon Marketplace Web Service: https://developer.amazonservices...

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What are some good examples of travel startups that use crowdsourcing?

Trip Advisor, Yelp, any of the big review sites.

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While raising money, what tool are you currently using to manage your relationship with investors?

When we raised our seed round we used Highrise from 37signals. It worked out VERY well for us, especially during Y Combinator demo day. I’ll describe how we used it there...

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Do you prefer to attend events in the evening or in the morning?

In the evening. I like to go to work in the morning!

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