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Getting married and going travelling

21st June 2010

It’s been a busy month. On Saturday the 5th of June I married the wonderful Natalie Downe in a beautiful ceremony at Roedean School in Brighton. The reception had owls, cheese, a ferret, a golden eagle, amazing Turkish food, Jewish chair dancing and lovely guests. It was the happiest day of my life.

Natalie, Me and a Golden Eagle

The official wedding photos were taken by Drew McLellan, and there’s a Flickr group pool as well. The day after the wedding Natalie’s sister Louise took some fun photos of us running around Brighton in our wedding clothes.

Bride and Groom on the Carousel

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the preparations, and also to everyone who came along to share the special day with us. And a big thanks to Tom Coates, my best man.

Best man and Groom

Yesterday afternoon, we set out on our honeymoon. I’m writing this from the beach in Nice, on the south coast of France. Tomorrow we take the ferry to Corsica for a week in relative luxury. After that, we’re backpacking around Europe, then Africa, then the rest of the world. We’ve given up our flat and put our stuff in to storage, and the plan is to keep on travelling until we get fed up or run out of money. We expect to be gone for at least 18 months.

Since we’re both web developers, we’re lucky to be able to take some of our work with us. I’ll still be doing some work for the Guardian and Natalie is available for freelance work. If you have something you think we can help you with, drop us a line.

Naturally we’ll be blogging, tweeting and Flickring our adventures. You can follow our updates at