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Oxford Geek Night 2

28th March 2007

If you missed the last Oxford Geek Night, you really owe it to yourself to make it to the next one. If you were there then you shouldn’t need any convincing.

Oxford Geek Night 2 will be on the 11th of April, starting at 7.30pm (talks start at 8.30) upstairs at the Jericho Tavern. Nat has just announced the two keynotes: Jon Hicks will be talking about typography on the Web and his thoughts on typographic trends for 2007, and James Webster from Amazon UK will be presenting Amazon’s web service suite.

In addition to the two 15 minute keynotes there will also be eight 5 minute microslots. Nat is currently taking proposals for these; this is a good chance to give a lightning demo of something you’ve worked on and a great opportunity for first time speakers to gain valuable experience in front of a friendly audience.

The event is sponsored by Torchbox. Entry is free to all, but you should sign up on Upcoming to give us an idea of numbers.