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My Future of Web Apps talk as a slidecast

12th March 2007

The team at Carson Systems have a pretty quick turnaround on their podcasts; they’ve had full recordings of every speaker up for a few days now. I spent a bunch of time over the weekend splicing the recording of my talk together with my slides, and the result is now available at The Future of OpenID (a slidecast).

I managed to crunch it down to a 41.2 MB H.264 MPEG file; there is also a Flash video version are available on the Internet Archive.

A quick aside: I’m hosting the main video file in the Internet Archive’s Open Source Movies collection. They actively encourage people to submit their own digital artifacts, and once you’ve uploaded something they’ll automatically create thumbnails, derive an FLV version, mirror it to a bunch of places and much more besides. If you’ve got a large video to distribute this is a great way to share it.