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5th May 2004

John Allsopp: Message To The Messengers—Props to the old school:

Of late, with the latest version of Style Master released, bedded down, and well received, I’ve been a little nostalgic about the old days of CSS. So I thought I might try to ride that wave a little, cast my mind back over my experience of CSS, and talk a little about some people you really should be grateful to if you work with CSS and web standards. Particularly some you might not have heard of.

There follows a tribute to some of the unsung heroes of the early history of CSS. And if that’s piqued your interest, Lauren Wood’s recent post about DOM Level 3 becoming a W3C Recommendation has some insights in to the early days of the DOM Working Group, which she chaired up until November 2001.

This is CSS History by Simon Willison, posted on 5th May 2004.

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