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Meetup needs work

7th February 2003

It looks like Scott got burned by a PHP MeetUp arranged at an out of business restaurant that then failed to materialise at all. From his comments it seems like he’s not the only person to hit problems. I have yet to attend a meetup (the Bristol UK ones rarely have anyone sign up for them) but I love the concept, so it’s a real shame to hear about problems like this. Hopefully the MeetUp team are working on ways to stop this kind of thing from happening—some kind of short-lived email mailing list for each location/event might go some way to ensuring people who sign up for them know what’s going on and bother to show up. At least their recent changes page shows that they have been actively trying to improve the overall experience.

This is Meetup needs work by Simon Willison, posted on 7th February 2003.

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