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Why Scott needs Mozilla

6th September 2002

Judging by the screenshot on this page, Scott really needs Mozilla :) I’m currently running Windows XP on a Pentium II with 128 MB of RAM but thanks to Mozilla’s tabbed browsing I have over 20 web pages open and my machine isn’t breaking a sweat (and that’s in addition to Eudora and mySQLFront). Best of all, my task bar stays nice and tidy as it only shows one instance of Mozilla. I know Scott’s itching to switch already so I’ll teasingly remind him that Mozilla can have multiple windows each with multiple tabs—so you can have a single window with a collection of sites for each item you are currently researching. More tabbed browsing advocacy from Dave Hyatt right here.

This is Why Scott needs Mozilla by Simon Willison, posted on 6th September 2002.

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