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Arouse your PC

12th September 2002

Dave Winer: Why be Semantic when you can be Romantic?

Morbus Iff:

Well, buddy ol’ pal, the pornoWeb already exists. The Semantic Web is all about making computers aroused, not humans. When computers are aroused, they’re much happier pleasing the idiot desires of us fleshlings. So, really, the Semantic Web is about survival and prevention—I’d much rather have happy, complacent computers than angry robots plotting to overthrow the human regime.

I’m pretty sure it’s bad manners to quote an entire post like that but Morbus’s comment just didn’t seem to work if I broke it up any smaller :) To make up for it, here’s an extra plug for the Disobey Nonsense Network (and a plug for AmphetaDeskas well, a very cool desktop RSS aggregator).

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