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Phoenix usurps Mozilla

31st October 2002

Phoenix 0.4 is out, and it’s so good it has replaced Mozilla as my default browser. Type Ahead Find makes browsing links and searching pages a dream (I’ve really come round to it after my initial whinge) but my favourite feature is the Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” integration built right in to the address bar. Type in a single word and Phoenix will try (and possible before passing it on to Google and redirecting to the first search result. Type in multiple words and I’m Feeling Lucky is invoked straight away. Normal Google searches can be run from the smaller Google field to the right of the address bar. It all adds up to a virtually seamless browsing experience, especially now that I’ve memorised the Google URLs of most of my favourite sites.

This is Phoenix usurps Mozilla by Simon Willison, posted on 31st October 2002.

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