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24th June 2002

I’ve been playing around with Mozilla’s “Page Info” feature, available in the View menu, the right-click context menu and through the Ctrl+I shortcut. I’d never really lookd at it before, but the information it provides is invaluable, especially if you are interested in web development. The info window is divided in to five tabs:

Provides access to any meta tag information for the page, along with useful details such as the rendering mode used (Quirks or Standards compliant), the content-type and the last modified date.
Lists all of the form elements on the page along with their field name, type, contents and labal (if specified). This could be very useful for debugging form based web applications.
Lists all of the links, form actions and related links (with the <link> tag) on the page.
Shows a list of all media items used on the page, including images and embedded objects such as Flash files. Images can be viewed in a small preview page and saved using the “Save As...” button. The image file size and physical dimensions are also provided.
Provides information on security certificates for the current page. This is the tab that pops up if you click the padlock icon in the bottom right hand corner of the browser.

All in all this is a very powerful tool—I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed it sooner.

This is Mozilla page info by Simon Willison, posted on 24th June 2002.

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