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12th June 2002

Weblog TODO List

I’ve got the bare bones of a weblog up and running now— essentially the ability to add entries which are categorised and archived in a permanent location. Still to come...
  1. An edit function
  2. A comments system (probably similar to Jonathan Delacour’s)
  3. RSS feeds for individual categories
  4. Referral tracking (as seen on diveintomark)
  5. A better form of overall statistics tracking than that provided by the University
  6. A system for storing more permanent feature articles
  7. An XML-RPC API for posting with an accompanying PythonCard application
  8. An interface for editing my Blog Roll
  9. Allow visitors to include/exclude categories via cookies
  10. A preview post feature
  11. A link directory that accumulates links automatically by parsing blog entries
  12. Dancing monkeys—definitely dancing monkeys
This blog is written in PHP and uses serialized PHP objects in flat text files for storage. I will put together a full article on how everything works as soon as I’ve implemented a “permanent feature” archive.

This is Todo list by Simon Willison, posted on 12th June 2002.

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