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Tantek’s markup challenge

19th December 2002

In A Touch of Class, Tantek continues his series of tips on writing better semantic markup and then issues a challenge: find related improvements that can be made to his blog. I couldn’t find anything in the overall structure, but I have a few (admittedly nit-picky) suggestions for his current entries. Firstly, the following line would, in my opinion, be better served with a titled <dfn> element:

New <strong title="shopping by surfing">shurfing</strong> tool.

Secondly, Tantek frequently uses a combination of a pre and a code tag to mark up sections of example code. This works fine, but could potentially be improved by adding a class element hinting at the type of code being displayed, for example:

<pre><code class="css">
p.sidebartext { 
  padding:0 5px 2px;

Finally, Tantek’s use of <a class="local"> to differentiate local and external links introduces (technically) redundant data—the fact that the link is to a local resource is implicit in its URL. This information can even be extracted using CSS3 selectors, as is demonstrated by Stuart’s ingenous article External link icons the CSS way.

This is Tantek’s markup challenge by Simon Willison, posted on 19th December 2002.

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