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A Link Blog in the Year 2024 (via) Kellan Elliott-McCrea has started a new link blog:

Like many people I’ve been dealing with the collapses of the various systems I relied on for information over the previous decades. After 17 of using Twitter daily and 24 years of using Google daily neither really works anymore. And particular with the collapse of the social spaces many of us grew up with, I feel called back to earlier forms of the Internet, like blogs, and in particular, starting a link blog.

I've been leaning way more into link blogging over the last few months, especially now my own link blog supports markdown. This means I'm posting longer entries, somewhat inspired by Daring Fireball (my own favourite link blog to read).

Link blogging is a pleasantly low-pressure way of writing online. Found something interesting? Post a link to it, with a sentence or two about why it's worth checking out.

I'd love to see more people embrace this form of personal publishing.