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Getting the blog back together

1st October 2017

Getting this blog up and running again has turned out to be one of those side-projects that keeps threatening to fall down a rabbit hole.

I kicked off the work a couple of years ago at the Django Birthday event in Lawrence, KS and got most of the way done. Then life got in the way... and last weekend I decided to try and get it over the finish line. Today, I’m forcing myself to ship even though there are still tons of things I want to do with it. Perfect is the enemy of done. That goes for my first-blog-post-in-seven-years too.

I may not have blogged in seven years, but I did answer a whole bunch of questions on Quora. I’ve imported my Quora answers (extracted using this userscript) and used them to help fill out the intervening years. I plan to do the same with a few other types of content as well.

This is Getting the blog back together by Simon Willison, posted on 1st October 2017.

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