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Leaving Yahoo!, going freelance

15th January 2007

Last Friday was my last day at Yahoo!. I’ve had a fantastic time there, and will really miss working with Tom, Paul and the many other superb Yahoos I’ve had the privilege to meet.

I’m leaving for entirely personal reasons. The plan had always been to move out to the US for the job, but it became clear that my girlfriend would not have been able to move with me. When it came down to it I decided my relationship with her came first. We moved in together several months ago and our quality of life has been enormously improved as a result. Even the lure of San Francisco (and the best burgers in the world) can’t compete with that.

As of today, I’m going freelance. I’ll be working for three days a week for Torchbox, an excellent web development company based near Oxford that specialises in sites for charities and the public sector. The other two days are available for freelance projects; please drop me a line (simon @ this domain) if there’s something I can help you with.

I’m also looking forward to investing time in projects of my own. 2007 will be an exciting year.