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Notes from my Yahoo! UI Library talk

18th May 2006

I gave my talk on the Yahoo! User Interface Library here at XTech on Tuesday. There’s so much great stuff in the library that cramming it all in to 45 minutes proved impossible, so I ended up focusing on the utilities (dom, event, connection, animation and dragdrop) and providing an overview of the controls at the end.

As with my JavaScript tutorial at ETech I made written notes before starting to compile the slides. The notes are incomplete (they abruptly end half way through the dragdrop section—at which point I decided to concentrate on putting the slides together) but should still be useful for people who haven’t looked at the Library in detail:

Preparatory notes for “The Yahoo! User Interface Library”

I’ve also uploaded the slides as a 240 KB PDF.

This is Notes from my Yahoo! UI Library talk by Simon Willison, posted on 18th May 2006.

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