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10th July 2005

I’ve pointed to it a couple of the times from the blogmarks, but it’s worth re-iterating here: if you have any interest at all in LAMP, agile programming or open-source development methodologies you should take a look at To quote their about page: is a place to advocate, discuss, and practice the art of using less code to get more done. We shun complexity and challenge the status-quo when it impedes our ability to simplify our development tools and processes. We appreciate Python, Ruby, LAMP, REST, KISS, worse is better, and talk like a pirate day.

Ryan Tomayko is the guy behind the site, and he evidently has a lot to get off his chest.

In other recommendations, Ka-Ping Yee has been providing excellent coverage and analysis of SOUPS 2005 over at Usable Security. And on an unrelated note, I’ve been deriving a great deal of amusement from I Harth Darth.

I’m off to San Francisco for a week. Stay safe.

This is Less code is more by Simon Willison, posted on 10th July 2005.

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