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26th March 2004

I found out about Quicksilver via Ted Leung a couple of days ago, and it’s already become an indispensable part of my OS X desktop. On the surface, Quicksilver is very similar to LaunchBar which I’d tried and liked but not enough to justify the price tag. LaunchBar lets you launch any application on your system by hitting CMD+space and typing enough of the name to highlight the application you want. Quicksilver takes the same idea but expands it to cover address book entries, iTunes playlists, documents, bookmarks and more. It’s incredibly slick, highly configurable and doesn’t cost a penny.

It’s also being blogged to death at the moment, but it’s so good it really deserves the attention. See also Todd Dominey, Jon Hicks, Dan Dickinson’s useful tutorial and the cast of Technorati and Feedster.

This is Quicksilver by Simon Willison, posted on 26th March 2004.

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