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Zend PHP 5 Goodies

21st March 2004

Zend have quietly released a veritable treasure trove of PHP 5 tutorials via their PHP5 InfoCenter:

The Tidy functions look particularly useful, especially if you are interested in maintaining clean markup within your PHP applications.

One thing that I would like to see addressed with the full release of PHP 5 is the increasing fragmentation of the PHP manual. The single online manual now covers every version of PHP from 3 upwards, making it increasingly difficult to use effectively if you are targetting older versions of PHP. The Python site maintains archived versions of previous documentation snapshots, making it easy to refer to the documentation of the version of the language you are using. With the major changes between versions 4 and 5 of PHP a similar approach could be highly beneficial.

This is Zend PHP 5 Goodies by Simon Willison, posted on 21st March 2004.

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