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14th September 2003

There follow two of the weirdest emails I have ever received through my contact form. The first is a fascinating rant against standards compliant client side scripting:

don’t use javascript don’t use netscape

Respectfully taking a leaf from you I would most strongly urge you to cease using JavaScript and instead use the much better script language, Microsoft’s VBScript.

In the smae vein, I beg of you to use the DOM.all of IE exclusively and turn your back on Netscape and its clones.

I feel very strongly about this. JavaScript’s syntax ism abominable...too many curly braces, semi-colons, square brackets, regular parentheses and all the claptrap symbols it borrowed from that abominable language—C—and its successor—C++ -. The hours I spent hunting for the missing semi-colon or the improperly inserted double colon and wading thru the false error messages of Borland’s C v.2. It was a horriblem experience. I need you to give me your unstinted and selfless support to kill off, once and for all, that abomination called JavaScript. This is a call for sanity in scripting. Let’s bring back simplicity, lets get rid of unnecessary complexity. Help ME!!!

The second is just plain odd. I can only guess it has something to do with this entry.

Grassfed beef

Eat grassfed its the real McCoy...full-flavored beef that is heart healthy and rich in Omega-3 and CLA. Try

Grain fed beef is not heart healthy...and I used to eat it all the time and really gained weight and increased my cholesterol...and now that I have found grass fed beef, it is going down and I actually prefer the taste of bland grain fed products.

This is Curious emails by Simon Willison, posted on 14th September 2003.

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