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XUL in Safari

26th October 2003

Safari 1.1 is included with the new release of Mac OS X, Panther. From Dave Hyatt’s list of Safari 1.1 features:

A complete implementation of the XUL box model. Safari on Panther supports the complete XUL box model, including horizontal and vertical boxes, the ability to flex, and the ability to reorder content and reverse content. If you’re building canned content that you control using WebKit, you’ll find a whole new range of layout possibilities at your disposal. Need to create dynamically sized headers and footers and flexible center content? The XUL box model can do that. Need to center an object within the viewport? The XUL box model can do that too.

With Microsoft’s alternative to XUL seemingly a few years away, are Apple looking to beat them to it with an implementation that’s compatible with Mozilla?

This is XUL in Safari by Simon Willison, posted on 26th October 2003.

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