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22nd October 2003

Evan Williams on Google’s intranet weblogs:

How many people blog at Google?
Not sure what the count is, but I know there’s a couple hundred or more. It’s really interesting to see the network grow from scratch.
Do you use that to get to know one another or to keep up-to-date on projects?
A lot of people use it to keep up-to-date on projects and to share pointers or expertise. I’ve heard people comment on how it’s way easier to know what’s going on internally now. You can find out what’s going on when you go there or when you’re curious about it, but you don’t have to be deluged or distracted from your normal day.

Markup question: I used a definition list in the above quotation—was this appropriate? Is there a better way of marking up this information?

This is Google’s Internal Blogs by Simon Willison, posted on 22nd October 2003.

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