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Browser bug swatting

23rd May 2003

Craig Saila: Browser bug swatting:

I’ve decided it’s time to start actively pushing for the browser makers to fix some really annoying CSS bugs. In day-to-day development, I find myself continually creating clumsy workarounds because a browser doesn’t support five-year-old standards. Already I’ve filed some with Opera, and Mozilla, and am now pushing on Internet Explorer.

Craig includes the 5 key problems with Internet Explorer 6’s CSS support and suggests you join him in submitting feedback to Microsoft requesting they hurry up and add them. The sooner they fix them the better, as it’ll probably be another few years from then before IE 5 and 6 lose enough market share for these features to be usable in the wild.

This is Browser bug swatting by Simon Willison, posted on 23rd May 2003.

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