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Scott Andrew redesigns

6th March 2003

Scott Andrew has been hit by redesign fever as well. His reworking is accompanied by a change in direction:

For a lot of the past two years, I’ve been grappling with this dual existence of mine, and I’ve finally reached a point where, if I were to be run over by a freight train tomorrow, I’d rather be remembered as that songwriter guy than that JavaScript guy.

I’m not much of a folk/country fan, but I have to admit I rather like his brand of urban acoustic pop and weirdo country music. His blog seemed to lose the web focus a few months ago so it’s nice to see him “come out” and show where he’s going with his site. Incidentally, the redesign looks great and is especially notable for its warm colour scheme and non-white background. My girlfriend is mildly dyslexic and finds it hard to read text on white, which has raised my awareness that white is not necessarily the best choice for a background colour (the BCSS site uses a light blue for this very reason).

This is Scott Andrew redesigns by Simon Willison, posted on 6th March 2003.

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