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25th March 2003

Recent additions to the blogroll:

  • Andrew Hayward—a friend from Uni with some serious javascript skills. As well as document.getElementbyClassName, recent innovations have included a rewrite of dChat (a javascript remote scripting chat application) and a blog entry form with a resizable textarea, automatic insertion of paragraph tags and a “live” preview pane.
  • Sterling Hughes—core PHP developer, working on mod_psp (a Python Server Pages module) as well.
  • Richard Rutter—spotted in my referrals, a web site producer working for Multimap with similar blog topics to mine (and a really nice looking site). He’s an alumni of Bath’s chemical engineering department as well, which is nice.
  • Dan Kalowsky—another PHP blogger, spotted on Sterling’s blogroll.

This is Freshly Blogrolled by Simon Willison, posted on 25th March 2003.

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