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Clearing out my tabs

16th March 2003

I’ve inadvertantly discovered a flaw in the tabbed browsing model—if you’re not disciplined about them you can quickly end up lost in a see of tabs. Right now I have 6 Phoenix windows open with a total of 57 tabs between them. This is the result of about a week’s accumulated browsing, leaving me unable to even think about shutting down or rebooting my computer without clearing them all out first. The fact that Mandrake is churning along happily without any noticable slowdown (despite me having several other applications running as well) doesn’t help at all as it gives me even less impetus to tidy everything up.

This post exists mainly to clear out interesting tabs.

I really need to get myself a linkroll.

This is Clearing out my tabs by Simon Willison, posted on 16th March 2003.

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