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More nukes

12th March 2003

[PHP|Post|myPHP]-Nuke has to be one of the most-forked open source projects in history! Xaraya appears to be a fork from Post-Nuke, which itself forked from PHP-Nuke several years ago (and I’m pretty sure there are more). They’ve got an interesting set of RFCs on how they intend to build the next big open source content / community management system (nothing about generating pretty URLs yet). While browsing their site I found a link to PHPXref, a powerful looking tool for generating PHP source code documentation. Unsurprisingly for such a lot of text munging, it’s written in Perl ;)

Update: I obviously wasn’t paying attention: RFC 0023: Short URL Support

This is More nukes by Simon Willison, posted on 12th March 2003.

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