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Wiki hosts and ticket stubs

7th January 2003

Matthew Haughey asks why no one has launched a free host for people to set up Wikis, similar to blogspot for blogs or Yahoo Groups for mailing lists / collaborative communities. It’s a good question.

I know wrapping your head around the idea of a wiki isn’t the easiest thing (it took me many months between the first time I was exposed to one, and the time at which I found any use for them). Still, I’m surprised there isn’t any sort of single community host for them. It seems like something I’d give someone five bucks a month for, to let me run a wiki that was instantaneous to sign up and get going.

While on Matt’s site, I also noticed that he has launched, an interesting concept site which encourages people to upload scanned images of their saved ticket stubs and tell a story about the night that the ticket stub represents.

This is Wiki hosts and ticket stubs by Simon Willison, posted on 7th January 2003.

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