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DOM support tables

22nd January 2003

PPK’s ever excellent JavaScript Section now features updated DOM compatibility tables for W3C Core and W3C HTML. The tables contain detailed descriptions of suport for DOM features in IE 5 and 6 for Windows, IE for Mac, Mozilla 1.2, Safari 1.0 Beta, Opera 7 Beta and iCab 2.8.2. I’ve been playing around with the DOM quite a lot recently and the differences between IE and Mozilla were driving me up the wall—I only wish I’d found this fantastic resource sooner.

PPK’s W3C DOM vs. innerHTML demonstration is interesting as well—it compares the performance of the W3C and Microsoft’s widely supported innerHTML extension for generating large amounts of new page content.

Found via PPK, this Object Model Browser is a nice tool for browsing around the available DOM properties and methods in different browsers.

This is DOM support tables by Simon Willison, posted on 22nd January 2003.

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