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Phoenix / Firebird nightlies hotting up

28th April 2003

Word on the street is that Phoenix 0.6 (or Firebird or Mozilla Firebird or Mozilla Browser or whatever else you want to call it) could be out within the next week or so. I’m using the 28th April nightly build and it really is a big improvement on Phoenix 0.5, which is a very respectable browser in its own right. The new preferences panel (shown below) has been in the nightlies for quite a while now and really does add to the overall feel of the browser, and new features from Mozilla such as an editable about:config screen are handy as well.

The new preferences panel features coloured icons for the seven different sections

Blogzilla has more information on the branding issue, which appears to have been resolved.

This is Phoenix / Firebird nightlies hotting up by Simon Willison, posted on 28th April 2003.

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