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Python Roundup

17th April 2003

No blogging for a while; I’m getting stuck in to a whole load of University coursework. In the meantime though here are some Python links I’ve been hoarding for a few days on my private wiki:

  • Gems from the archives—a couple of useful Python snippets from the archives of the Python XML SIG mailing list.
  • What’s New in Python 2.3?—extensive article with coverage of list strides (an extension of the list slicing operator), the new logging and date modules and other improvements to the language.
  • On the Relationship Between Python and Lisp discusses similarities between the two languages and points out that many of Python’s lisp-like features (lambdas, filter and map) are being considered for deprecation.
  • Python in relationships: Husband and Wife.

This is Python Roundup by Simon Willison, posted on 17th April 2003.

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