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Glastonbury sold out

1st April 2003

Bloody hell—Glastonbury 2003 has sold out within just 24 hours of tickets going on sale! My first thought was that this must be an April Fool’s thing, but it seems extremely unlikely considering that Glasto fans are already being driven to paying double the price of the ticket from ticket touts (if it is a joke, it’s gone horribly wrong). Luckily the main group of friends I’m going with all got there in time, but any hopes I had of convincing other friends to go are well and truly squashed.

From the number of Glasto tickets already selling on Ebay, it looks like this is going to be the year the festival was nearly ruined by the touts :/

This is Glastonbury sold out by Simon Willison, posted on 1st April 2003.

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