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Eric has permalinks

7th October 2002

Eric Meyer now has permalinks! Now if he would only start pinging when he updated I (and many others) could add him to their blogroll.

The other day I complained about falling apart in Mozilla. KPMG’s web team could do well by listening to Eric, who took two and a half hours to hack together a fixed version of their site. While it doesn’t completely adhere to standards it does work cross browser (and the DHTML even works in Opera!). Bare in mind Eric’s disclaimer when looking at the code:

I’d also like to reiterate for those of you planning to dig into the source of the fix that it’s not an example of completely standards compliant design. It’s merely an example of how one person, with a modicum of effort, was able to take an outdated design method and hack in some semblance of standards support in order to take a broken site and make it work in multiple browsers. It isn’t perfect, but maybe it’s a start.

This is Eric has permalinks by Simon Willison, posted on 7th October 2002.

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