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Catch-up time

13th October 2002

Catch up time...

  • An Interview With Douglas Bowman of Wired News—Eric Meyer interviews the man who headed up the team responsible for the fantastic new CSS Wired design. A great article both for technical information and CSS advocacy.
  • [css-d] Wired News: Look, Ma, No Tables!—An extensive thread on CSS-Discuss discussing the Wired redesign.
  • Danger Revisited—Anil Dash recieves a response to his HopTop rants from Danger, the company behind the device.
  • ALA: Build a PHP Switcher—How to build a stylesheet switcher in PHP. ALA is excellent for client side articles but unfortunately much of their server side content leaves a lot to be desired. The suggested script fails to use PHP’s superglobals and it looks like it could introduce a security flaw in the form of an HTML injection attack. More on this later.
  • IBM flushes restroom patent—the US patent system is still a complete joke.
  • Larry Lessig: From the front line—Larry’s write up of the Eldred oral hearing.

This is Catch-up time by Simon Willison, posted on 13th October 2002.

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