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aqTree 3

7th November 2002

Stuart has released aqTree3, an upgrade to previous aqTree versions which takes in to account some of the best ideas from both Eric Meyer’s pure CSS menus and Dave Lindquist’s recently released drop-down / expandable trees. aqTree’s great strength is that it requires no additional markup at all on top of the nested lists, other than a class definition which the script will pick up via the DOM. All presentation and positioning is now controlled with CSS applied to the list structure (previous versions of aqTree used the DOM to transform the list in to DIVs) and Stuart has included an extra script, aqdd, to handle drop down menus as well. The article includes a mini-essay on how elegant DHTML should be implemented, which is well worth reading.

This is aqTree 3 by Simon Willison, posted on 7th November 2002.

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