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23rd November 2002

Brian Graf has some very positive things to say about Mimeo, an innovative new web services based company in the States:

The concept is simple enough. You download and install some software that registers a new printer driver on your system. Whenever you print a document using that driver, your document is rendered—securely I might add—to Mimeo’s server. Once it’s uploaded, your browser takes you to Mimeo’s site. There you are presented with the most intuitive web application I have ever seen which walks you through the process of creating a professional document, including paper choices, binding styles, covers, tab dividers, etc. You are even shown a rendered proof of your document online so you can make sure it’s exactly what you want. When you are satisfied, you enter your payment and delivery information and the document is sent to you via FedEx. It is so easy.

This is Mimeo by Simon Willison, posted on 23rd November 2002.

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