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18th June 2002

phpDocumentor version 1.1.0rc2 has been released over at The feature list (from their press release):

  • all known bugs in 1.1.0rc1 have been fixed
  • fully 25% faster than version 1.0.0
  • able to directly parse a CVS repository
  • parses any php file, with multiple classes and functions in the same file
  • fully compliant with even the most esoteric php syntax ($string = <<< EOF, for example)
  • greatly improved ease of Converter programming
  • parsing of global and static variables
  • documentation of name conflicts between packages
  • auto-linking to elements in any package
  • error/warnings by line number and file to allow for debugging of documentation tags
  • extensive documentation of the package, including a detailed specification for tags and templates
  • Open source, GPL

The full Changelog is also available. This looks like a very useful piece of software.

This is PHP Documentor by Simon Willison, posted on 18th June 2002.

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