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Minimal XML

18th June 2002

Spotted on the PythonCard mailing list—Minimal XML:

Minimal XML is a subset of XML 1.0; including features essential for data interchange applications, and excluding non-essential features that are arcane, legacy-related, problematic for data interchange applications, or redundant.


  • A subset that allows easily implemented parsers that are much faster and smaller than full XML parsers.
  • A subset with simpler information model that can easily be mapped to other information models.
  • A subset that is much easier to learn, teach, and use.

Minimal XML is a project of SML-DEV, who describe themselves as a group of over 125 XML experts working to create simple XML standards and to simplify existing XML.

This is Minimal XML by Simon Willison, posted on 18th June 2002.

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