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Jonathan on Mark

16th June 2002

Jonathan has meta-blogged (I think that’s the term) responses to Mark Pilgrim’s accessiblity series. He replies to my query about the wisdom of limiting the series to bloggers rather than expanding it to cover as much as possible:

That the series is aimed at webloggers rather than a more general web audience seems OK. Better to start with a defined target audience and trust that the story will ripple out from there.

That makes sense, but I stand by my opinion that the web is in desperate need of a good quality resource on general site accessibility. Sounds like something for WaSP’s “learn” section to think about. I plan to compile a set of links to general accessibility resources once Mark has finished his tutorial series.

Jonathan also links to How to Disagree Agreeably, or at least Effectively, an insightful collection of quotes related to the article title.

This is Jonathan on Mark by Simon Willison, posted on 16th June 2002.

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