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Meetup Launches

15th June 2002

With launch notices on both glish and Signal vs. Noise I just had to check out MEETUP. I was not dissapointed. MEETUP is a beautifully simple concept that has been superbly executed. It aims to arrange real life get togethers around the world of people with similar interests. You simply find a topic that interests you and see when the next scheduled meetup for that topic in your area is, then enter your email address to have the site update you on the status of the meetup and remind you nearer the time. Meetup participants vote on the venue (from a list of over 11,000 suggested spots) and the rest is up to them. Why MEETUP?

  1. Because nobody ever died of having too many friends.
  2. Because the Internet was made to connect people.
  3. Because you spend too much time in front of a screen.

Well worth checking out.

This is Meetup Launches by Simon Willison, posted on 15th June 2002.

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