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JSRS 2.1 released

15th June 2002

Brent Ashley: JSRS2.1 Released (from June 10th—Internet Archive copy). JSRS is Javascript Remote Scripting, an incredibly powerful javascript library that allows DHTML pages to communicate with a web server without having to reload the page. This latest version fixes POST suport for Mozilla. The library opens the way for a whole host of interactive web applications without the normal limitations caused by the request-and-response nature of the web. Best of all, JSRS is cross platform (at least for Mozilla, NS4+ and IE4+).

Brent actually has two implementations available. JSRS uses DHTML elements (such as hidden iframes) to make RPC calls to the server, while RSLite is an ultra lightweight version that uses cookies for communication (and even works on Opera!). Both implementations are free and come with source code, as well as example server side implementations in a variety of languages including ASP and PHP.

This is JSRS 2.1 released by Simon Willison, posted on 15th June 2002.

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